Dress for Success Tips #16, 17, and 18

Beware the virtual background!

#16 Invest in green screen!

Or make sure you have a needed system requirements to have a clear virtual background on zoom.


There is nothing more distracting than a wavering background.

#17 Make sure you are not wearing green screen, green or blue screen blue

Or you will be wearing your background, which is an interesting effect, but I’m not sure it’s one your going for!

I was on a zoom call with someone wearing a green hat, with a night sky virtual background, well I only found out afterwards it was a green hat, that is…..

#18 have enough contrast between you and your background

Or you will blend and look like a talking head, this goes for real backgrounds as well, see previous post

If you are blond go for a darker background and if you are a brunet a lighter background will make you pop more. You want a crisp outline around your head so that it doesn’t look “fuzzy”!