Dress to Impress Tip # 27

Photo by Celine Ruiz on Unsplash

Accessories are great to add color, and a bit of personal style.

But as the great Coco Chanel said “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”

There is such a thing as too much, and understated makes a statement all by itself.

On the hand the right accessory, can make you pop!

A long pair of earrings are great, but don’t pair them with a matching necklace (short necklace)

A beautiful necklace doesn’t need a complex earrings, something simple and close to the ear is perfect.

A long chain with an interesting ornament can make a tunic or beautiful white shirt pop.

Beware the chunky, trendy necklace, it’s fun and a great way to accessorize if it doesn’t overwhelm you or your outfit.

With a pattern dress (or shirt) keep your accessories simple, solid gold, silver or pick a color from the pattern and pick that up in your jewelry. Pick a tie in one of the colors of the shirt, or a smaller or bigger pattern that your shirt, but in the same color way.

Now that fabulous bracelet you bought on that memorable vacation, or that necklace you got from your grandmother, or your mothers earrings that make you feel loved and supported, well you should wear when you need a boost of confidence….Just keep it simple, elegant and timeless.

And you will always win your game.