Dress to Impress Tip# 30!


“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

–Oscar Wilde

Being transparent makes you more relatable, regardless of the situation.

When you are being honest, you are at your most relaxed. Have nothing to hide, and you won’t have the stress of maintaining an illusion of some kind. This relaxed attitude will make a better first impression than any effort to impress you might try to force.

According to Mark Bowden we instinctively put people into four categories. One is the friend category, which is essentially the benefit. We look at somebody and our minds are able to take in the elements that we need to predict if that person will benefit me, will I come out with more than I came in with? There is a high benefit , low risk being around them.

The second category is the enemy, predator. It is high risk and low benefit.

The third category is the mate. Not really life partner, it’s all about passing on our genetic code. That’s all.

The fourth, and last category is indifference.

This happens in a matter of as little as a fifth second.

You want people to be anything but indifferent, because nobody remembers that which does not evoke emotion.

So be yourself, own your greatness.