Workshops for Professionals, small businesses and entrepreneurs

I work with organizations to empower women to attain their highest potential. You can choose from the topics listed below or I’ll generate a custom program that suits your organization’s purposes.

Lunch programs 30 minute talk with 15 minutes of Q & A Online 2000 NIS

Half day 2 hour presentation including including before and after + 15 minute one on ones with up to 6 people 5000 NIS


People start putting you in a box from their first sight of you. You want your first impression to send the right message, your message, your commitment, what’s important to you.

“Thanks to Sharleen, before I go into a meeting, I remind myself who I am. I can now make sure the best of me shows up. I’m saying what’s important, what I want to, and I am making the difference I want.”

My three step exercise (perfect for a lunch program) helps you write your “Elevator Speech,” the short introduction that grabs people so you can engage. It also helps you to see the value you bring to the world and how to share that to generate results.

We now go to our meetings online.  All we have is a little rectangle to show people who we are, to shine. We don’t only see the other person, but we see ourselves as well, it’s almost like talking to ourselves in the mirror.  How we look and how we think we look can influence how present we are in the conversation.  Now more than ever, what the other person sees is also what we see.  Make it count.

I have a series of tips that can completely change how you and your background show up and make you stand out as professional and confident. The point is to eliminate distractions, so people’s focus is on you and your message.


We all have an idea about how other people see us. How many of us have actually checked in to make sure that our value and commitments get across? With a few simple exercises, you will get a handle on how you show up in the world.


This could be the study of a lifetime, but really boils down to a handful of principals, the main being “Do not do that which might be offensive to the person you are with.”

Too often however, we don’t get what that is. We must understand the expectations of those we are relating to. Again it comes down to my basic checklist, and a handful of no-fail rules, so that you avoid offending the people you are with.


Maybe you have an event coming up. Maybe you’d like some ice-breakers. Maybe there’s something particular you want to see in your organization.

My mission is to take care of you. Let me know what you need, and I’ll see what I can do. And sometimes I get that that’s not me. If it’s not, I’ll tell you, and do what I can to put you in touch with the people who will provide what you need.


Do you even know the life you want? Too many of us started down a road because it was suggested or encouraged, or because it runs the family. In New York, it was de rigueur for an educated Jew to be a doctor or lawyer, or both. Between my brother, my sister and I, we have four doctorates.

For some, it was because XYZ was popular the year we started college, or because we’d done something similar. Or our mom said it’s the hot career that will make you successful, and who wants to argue with mom. Or it’s what’s available to a young mother. Or personnel just told us that this is the best fit for us.

It’s gotten us where we are, and that’s okay. Sometimes though we don’t really like where we ended up.

I takes you through a series of questions to get clear on your own values and commitments. We create Your Plan. Then we put that plan to life. I hold your hand as you start to walk that path. And I keep the bogeymen away until you are ready to run on your own.

I also uses this call to see if we are compatible. If I see a match, I may invite you to coach with me, or we can start with one of my other personal services. If not, I will be happy to point you in the right direction.


Let’s play in your closet and see who you really are

While there are a lot of places to start, I love working from the outside in.

As a dentist, there was a certain experience, an “Aha” moment, when I would give someone a smile she hadn’t had in years, when all of a sudden she didn’t need to cover her mouth any more or be embarrassed. These women would become human and alive again.

I am committed to you looking in the mirror and having that moment. My work is not complete until you are consistently surprised and delighted by the person who looks back at you.

First impressions are incredibly sticky. Aligning your appearance with your commitment is a great place to start when you are reinventing yourself, but it’s not the only place. With that in mind, these are my personal offerings.


The Germans have a saying “Kleider machen Leute,” the “clothes make the person.” We want to make sure that you are presenting the person you say you are:

Simple closet review and uniform creation                          1000 NIS

Concierge service: the whole shebang                3000 NIS

  • We identify your body type, and the best cut of clothes for you.
  • We figure out your best colors, and how to put them together.
  • We go through your closet.
  • We put together outfits to highlight your assets and minimize those areas that you would rather not stand out, and we do this with the clothes you already have!
  • You will come away having learnt what works and what doesn’t, and you will have a new freedom to play in your closet.
  • I will make a list (generally it’s a pretty short one) of what’s missing to complete you wardrobe and then send you links to buy order the clothing yourself
  • We will photograph your outfits
  • I will put together a digital look book for you, by category so getting dressed in the morning is a no brainer.
  • I make suggestions to complete your wardrobe, so you have what you need for any occasion (this is usually a lot simpler than most women imagine).
  • Having a “uniform” is not a bad thing, let’s create yours

And the important thing is, I make this easy. I know we have lives to live that have nothing to do with our closets. What you get are the few core principals so you can effortlessly put yourself together each day.

Let me help You eliminate at least one of your decisions of the day

Because we all know decision fatigue is real thing!


Sometimes you don’t want to go it alone. I can go with you to create your best look.

We can do this with you locally, or we can travel (London/Paris/Prague/Milan/New York, I say they’re fine any time of year).