Dress to Impress Tips # 9, 10 and 11

The importance of a good first impression on the small screen

Framing is everything. Think of looking in the mirror. Don’t you want a more complete picture?

#9 Have your camera at eye level or even higher.

It makes your face look thinner, hides a double chin (for those of us that have them) and is a more flattering look.

Put your laptop on a pile of books if you have to.

Think of all those people taking selfies, holding their phones up, they know what they’re doing!

# 10 Center yourself on the frame.

Think of a good portrait.

Center yourself so that we can see at least a bit below your shoulders, no one wants to see just a head and neck, it’s disconcerting.

# 11 Lighting, lighting, lighting.

I can’t emphasize it enough, we want to see your face!

The ideal is if you have a window behind your computer, nothing flatters more that direct light.

If that is not possible put a light behind your computer, it doesn’t need to be fancy, a desk light will do the trick.

Your computer camera will automatically focus on the brightest spot in the room if you have a window behind you, your face will be in shadow, pull down the shade or move so that we can all see your beautiful face.

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