Dress to Impress Tip # 23

Beware the overpowering silhouette.

It’s all about proportions. You want to wear something oversized without looking oversized? Make sure the other half of the outfit is form fitting.

An oversized top, with a slim bottom and visa versa. A beautiful flowing tunic with a pencil skirt or a pair of leggings. Loose palazzo style pants with a fitted sweater that ends at the waist of the pant.

Loose and flowy may be your style, but don’t let it overwhelm you. You can’t get your point across when you are lost in layers of cloth, unless your point is to hide behind your clothing.

Properly done flowing tips or flowing bottoms are elegant and portray strength and confidence, think Lauren Bacall and Ingmar Bergman.

Think dresses with cinched in waists, and business suits with beautiful silk blouses.

You want to emphasis your best feature be it a broad shoulders and strong arms, or long lean legs, by mixing things up this look can make frame your best feature, while obscuring your less than perfect one, and make it look effortless, and comfortable.