Dress for success Tips # 14 and 15

How’s your background?

Is it neat? Cluttered? Busy?

We are all working from home these days so we all understand if your background is not an typical office…BUT

# 14 Don’t Clash with your background

If your background is busy, keep your clothing neutral and simple.

In colors that flatter your skin tone (more on skin tone in later tips)

You want your audience focused on you and what you are saying, make yourself the focus of the screen.

# 15 Don’t Blend with your background

and the converse, for example, if your background is Jerusalem stone, don’t wear creams and pale yellows.

(if I had my druthers I wouldn’t put anyone in yellow, but that’s just me)

except this woman

Certain colors just wash you out and when you blend with your background you become a disembodied head, and that is just distracting and hard to listen to.

Which is kind of, counter productive.