Dress to impress Tip # 2

My favorite topic! Shoes!

I first would like to apologize to the gentlemen, you my dear sirs, are rather more limited in terms of what is socially acceptable, and until you are too old or rich to care., you are somewhat stuck. There are beautifully made men’s shoes out there to be found but …in limited color ranges.

Kitten heels, pumps, flats, blocky, wedge, undercut, stiletto…the choices are endless and we are blessed as ladies, to have such a variety. HOWEVER there are some key things you need to remember when choosing your footwear.

Comfort, high heels are great as long as they don’t hinder your ability to walk, and don’t look like you are going out dancing, unless of course you are.

Color is something you can play with, especially if you are following tip #1 and wearing black and white.

You can’t however lose if you go with a nude shoe, it’s more unusual with black , looks amazing with white, makes your leg look longer (in a skirt or dress) because it doesn’t break the line.

A beautiful, comfortable black shoe will take you from day into evening and leave you looking down and feeling awesome!

A beautiful shoe in an unusual color, can make your black and white stand out even more, a beautiful shoe in the same color family as your outfit, will make you look like you spent extra time putting yourself together, even when you haven’t..

A well polished, good fitting comfortable shoe, will make an amazing first impression. A scuffed, dull dirty shoe, makes you look unfinished.