Dress to Impress tip #1

Black and white and something personal.

Black and white is always, appropriate, it can be dressed up, think tuxedo and pleated shirt.

It can be dressed down – jeans and white t-shirt.

What makes you stand out is how you wear it. George Bresia whose book Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life is a https://g.co/kgs/PUMjj has his signature red hoodie, for his casual days. I love to funk it up with big jewelry.

Add your signature color, whatever it may be.

That tie you love, that piece of jewelry you inherited from you great Aunt Bertha, that fabulous scarf you had to buy in Paris, or you got as a gift and you never knew what to do with it!

Your favorite ted lipstick, those wacky pair of socks that no one will see until you casually cross your leg over your knee.

Black and white, or even just one of them is the perfect showcase for any color, and when you are wearing something you love you show up differently.