So I just hired a business coach.

After reading Eric Didier’s post on LinkedIn “

Lately I have been living my life based on this mantra:

“That’s cool, but can you give a little more?”

And I responded with “Love this question, to always be stretching and raising the bar makes life fun, interesting and challenging….and also a bit crazy (I might be stealing this)”

He threw down the gauntlet and I picked it up with a gulp.

So here I am ….taking the coaching and posting everyday for the next 30 days, really, because I will not just be breaking my word to myself but breaking my word to my coach.

SO what do you get out of that, you may ask?

You get 30 tips in 30 days….

My first tip is not so much styling as mindset….As Eric says “what can YOU do to give a little more?

Who do you need to be to go that little bit further?

What story do you need to give up about yourself, to get out of your own way?

Mine is/was “Why would anyone listen to what I have to say?”

We’ll talk about shoes, tomorrow 😉