How to wear color with confidence

Photo by Ricardo Moura on Unsplash

I couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. I remember my favorite dress, it was perfect, red velvet with a wide skirt. I used to imagine I was a princess or a ballerina, dancing around the house. I felt beautiful and unstoppable and that anything was possible as long as I wore my dress. I cried when I outgrew it.

Now they say that clothing maketh the man, that outer sensations affect our behavior, emotions and state of mind, that color affects mood…think elementary school grey, hospital green….

But what about how knowing you look your best makes you feel? A big part of that is color.

Color can make you happy or sad, confident or diffident, at ease or uncomfortable. We don’t even realize how much we are influenced by the colors around us, imagine how the colors we wear influence how we feel and how others feel about us.

And yet, choosing what color to wear, can be a bit overwhelming especially if what’s trendy is a color that just doesn’t look good on you, or even on most people (mustard, anyone?)

So, how do you introduce color to your wardrobe without feeling overwhelmed?

Start small, add a scarf or a tie to an all black outfit.

Better yet, start moving away from black.

Find a color that makes you happy and buy things in that color family.

Different colors (and in all their shades ) bring up different emotions

Red stimulation, energetic, courage and strength

Blue intelligence, mental focus, logic and calm

Green confidence, love, peace, harmony and balance

Yellow self esteem, confidence and creativity

Blended you have a whole kaleidoscope of emotions portrayed.

Again start small, you don’t have to go bold, just give it a try. and if you want someone to hold your hand and guide you, feel free to drop me a line

I’d be more than happy to join you on an adventure in color!

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